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“Manifest pt.2”

Manifest delves into our society's yearning for transformation. It serves as a silent visual call to action, urging individuals to engage critically and speak up. This work underscores the immense potential of the individual and looks ahead a brighter future. Presented as a captivating triptych that progresses across time. The initial installment, performed in July, featured two dancers gracefully manipulating a pendulum. With each rhythmic swing, intricate patterns emerged in the black sand, an artistic defiance of physics. Their movements disrupted the established order, symbolizing the potency of change. Now, in Part Two, we embark on a journey into the next phase—an ascension into the uncharted and the extraordinary. It’s what we construct with our very own hands, guided by a pursuit of utopia. Exhibition at Fashionclash 2023, Marres Maarstricht. Video, shots and editing by Sophie Roumans Special thanks to Maartje, Roos en Menno

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