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The challenged zeitgeist is continuously forced to adapt, currently humanity shares their
freedom after being held down for years. A place where we encounter a new
way of suppressed happiness. Society takes a turn to heal and value the earlier brought
experiences and wisdom, to make us wiser and stronger.
Accompanying the darkness, a wry feeling envelops the human body.
Calling for our defiant spirit and uprising.

ROUMANS makes conceptual work and garments reflecting on modern day society.
Collections and stories are shaped from the male and androgynous body. All garments are
being produced under the condition that it’s made responsibly and sustainable. “Fashion
enables us to wear our beliefs and values onto our skin. It is a code where I can
communicate visually. I get inspired by modern day society, it's a way to express and reflect."

Photography by Robin de Vette
Models: Bogdan and Tetisca

Set assistants: Maartje and Tetisca
Special thanks to Maartje, Tetisca and Tevin


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