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“Manifest pt.1”

A pendulum moves rhythmically on the ground, creating a pattern that is a play of lines made of black sand. Two people start to move, start a dialogue in with their bodies. They move around a system, a vast rhythm, made by the pendulum. Drawn to it, controlled by it. A pattern appears with each swing. Under pressure from the regime, dialogue escalates and riots break out. Disturbances, interference and the pattern changes. When the pendulum stops swinging, patterns and changes remain. This work is a translation that aims to offer an alternative, criticize current trends, and make one's voice heard. It emphasizes the power of the individual and paints a hopeful picture of the future. Presented live at FDFA june 2023. Concept, garments, choreo by ROUMANS Edit by Eori Wakakuwa Dancers: Amit and Zaquel Music by Timo Naomi Backstage help : Milou, Mai and Fie Special thanks to Stroomversneller, Fdfa en Provincie Gelderland and Pim

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